Graduate Success

Alice Collins

Animator at Weta Digital

"After graduating from ACG Yoobee I felt very confident. Confident enough to bang on doors like Weta Digital - which before I’d studied just seemed like a distant dream! Yoobee gave me practical knowledge of what goes into film-making and taught me how each of the different stages work. They also armed me with skills in a number of programs, and techniques on how to pick up new software quickly. It was a very practical course with small classes and fantastic teachers, and it gave me the chance to try a range of roles and find out what I most enjoyed."

"Now I'm working as a Rotoscope artist for Weta Digital. I make animated tracings of live action footage into black and while mattes. The first time I saw my name in the credits of a film was crazy, and one of my biggest career highlights so far!"

Alice Studied