Graduate Success

Angel Leung

Employed at AHM

“After graduating from secondary school in Hong Kong I spent a year studying at ACG New Zealand International College. As a child I loved art, especially drawing, and I studied visual art and basic graphic design at secondary school. I was keen to develop my skills further and find out where my strengths lay in the creative industries, so I enrolled at ACG Yoobee. I have so many good memories from my time there and I learnt a lot from my tutors and the course. Learning how to draw using Illustrator and Photoshop was particularly valuable as both are very important for creating my unique illustrations.

“As an international student the support of the tutors was hugely appreciated. I’ll never forget one of my tutors sitting next to me in his own time and correcting all the grammar mistakes in my 2500-3500 word essay about design history! I really liked the briefs we were given, such as the ’48 hours brief’ where we were put in groups and had 48 hours to design a campaign for a specific company. It taught us how to develop concepts quickly and get work done on time – just like you have to in the real world.

“I took part in the Adobe Thumbnails Competition in 2012 & 2013. You’re given one word and one image and you have to design a concept in 15 minutes in front of a bunch of people. I got Top 8 Finalist and Top 4 Finalist. The Behance Review nights were another great experience, and a great chance to present your portfolio, hone your critical eye, and trade creative tips with successful designers and special industry guests. I won six silver Behance stickers which was awesome!

“After completing my Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) I cross-credited to Unitec and in April I graduated with my Bachelor of Visual Art & Design, majoring in Graphic Design and Animation. I’m now doing a graphic design internship at AHM, which I got through the ACG Yoobee Facebook Job Seekers page. I work 10 – 15 hours a week. It was difficult at first transitioning from university to the real industry, but after four weeks I think I have finally adapted! It’s great to be working for a big Kiwi company and learning new things, and the Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign skills I learned at ACG Yoobee are proving invaluable. Once the ten-week internship finishes I’m hopeful AHM will take me on as a part-time graphic designer. This would fit in well with my freelance graphic design work and my job as a radio announcer for Chinese radio station FM99.4.

“Eventually though I plan to base myself back in Hong Kong, where I’ll try to make my dreams come true and share my illustration style with others.”

Angel Studied