Graduate Success

Anne-Marie Wynne

  • How has your programme at Yoobee helped you?
    Not only did I learn web and UX design, but I also learnt more life skills, which as a mature student is great - to keep learning.  Because I’ve found something I love doing, I’m now better disciplined, prepared for team work, and my confidence has grown immensely. I have studied at university, but this was a completely different experience.  I felt like I was part of something special and unique, I mattered, and my future career was important. The Yoobee Careers team were extremely supportive and I found

  • Where are you working now? And what is your role?
    I 'm working in the marketing department for SsangYong and LDV Vehicles which is under the umbrella company Great Lake Motor Distributors.  I 'm the web and media designer.  As the only web person, my role has expanded so I’m managing Social Media as well.  What’s great is they have just sent me on training so I could develop even more.

  • What does your work involve?
    I design and develop all of the websites for the business – from start to finish - the entire process of concept, design, prototype, coding, uploading, hosting then maintenance. In the four months I’ve worked here I have developed four websites. Some of the main websites are offshore, so we're bringing those inhouse and I’ll manage them. Some of the other websites are with an agency here in New Zealand, and I go to their offices to work on the design and implementation. So you could say I manage the website strategy and development.  I’m also heavily involved in blogs, LinkedIn, advertising and marketing collateral.

  • What is the most exciting aspect of your job?
    I love everything about my job. Especially, as I have a lot of autonomy. I love our team meetings where my input is valued. I love the design side of my work - it is not work but more like my passion and I get paid to do it.   Before starting at Yoobee I thought the Diploma would be too difficult to finish – but here I am graduated and employed.

  • Did your course atYoobee live up to your expectations?
    My expectations were limited due to my own self doubt, but Yoobee brought out the best in me and so my expectations were blown out of the water!

  • What were the highlights of your course?
    I graduated – I have a Diploma!! I have some amazing friends whom I consider to be family - we meet up every 6 weeks to have dinner together. My tutor was an absolute God send - he was patient and caring, but also incredibly knowledgeable and wise. He has a vast background of experience, and he would help me and build my confidence. I felt a part of the Yoobee family from the very top to other students in the classes.

  • How did your Yoobee training help you progress your career plans?
    I have self confidence and I know I have been taught by the best.  I learnt best practice and I also received a lot of support from the Careers team so I was well prepared for my job interviews.  In addition, I was also made aware of what types of jobs I could apply for, which is really helpful when you’re new to an industry.  Then I only had two interviews and got my job at my second.

  • How do feel after training at Yoobee?
    I'm eternally grateful that I went to Yoobee, and I recommend the college to others.  I’m also keen to go back and do short courses, as I have so much passion for learning after being at Yoobee.  It was a pivotal time of my life and it’s re-energised me!

  • What is one life lesson you learnt during your study and work?
    I’ve learnt a few life lessons now.  The first is to have faith in yourself and also others.  There are people who genuinely care for you and want you to succeed - so donʼt give up, if life throws a challenge at you.  Instead ask for help when you need it, and open up the communication channels when you’re struggling.  The second is, if I can do it, anybody can!

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