Graduate Success

Anthony Williams

Creative Producer at TVNZ

“I work as a creative producer at TVNZ in Auckland and am one of several people who create TV trailers for television programmes on TV2. I watch a programme (like Police Ten Seven, or The Big Bang Theory), cut out the good bits, make a script for a voice over artist, edit the clips and add sound for the finished product that entices viewers to watch the show. I also do a lot of programme launches through promos and trailers for new seasons and new shows such as Empire, The Flash, Arrow, The Undateables and The Bachelor Australia. These are more of a large-scale campaign than the normal weekly trailers.

“I feel really lucky to have landed the dream job straight out of school. I’m surrounded by people who are so talented it’s unbelievable. I’ve been at TVNZ for two-and-a-half years now. I spent my first three months as a trainee, a year as a junior, and then I became a full producer. I still can’t quite believe I’ve come such a long way in such a short time – it’s actually quite mind-blowing!

“I started studying at Yoobee in 2010. My first diploma in Animation in Digital Video helped me find my direction and then I did a more specialised diploma, The Diploma in Digital Filmmaking (Advanced), in my second year. We used the latest software with the latest industry methods, and had teachers that understood what was needed to be successful. Everything we did was graded and given feedback on, as it would have been if we were working for employers. It was awesome preparation to face the real thing. “The most valuable skill I learned at Yoobee was how to accept positive criticism and feedback, so I could turn my work into something way better. This is extremely important now for me, as there are so many levels of approval to go through before my work gets put on TV. The standard must be extremely high, and one needs to accept the help and advice of others, especially those with years of experience.”

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