Graduate Success

Arlene McMorran

Employed at PlasticStudio

“I enrolled at ACG Yoobee because I wanted a career change. I was working in sales and marketing for a local importing business and one of my roles was to maintain their website. The more I got to play around, the more I was intrigued about how it all worked. After researching courses I found ACG Yoobee had a web development course in Wellington which also allowed me to work part-time.

“Having no idea about web development, I knew I was throwing myself in at the deep end. I had an excellent tutor and a great bunch of classmates. It was a supportive learning environment which made life a lot easier as this was a whole new world for me. I enjoyed designing user friendly sites and then getting the chance to build them and see how they would function in the real world. The highlight was completing the final project where we had to design and build a website based on a client brief. My client was a mobile personal trainer who has a company called Core Fitness Wellington. They already had an existing site made in Silverstripe a few years earlier, which made accessing content easy. It was a great chance to give the company a new look and make it mobile friendly. Since then I’ve transferred my project into Silverstripe and it went live in May.

“Looking back it’s amazing how much I learned during my time at ACG Yoobee. The most valuable skill I picked up would have to be coding, as I started the course with no knowledge in this area at all.

“After graduating at the end of last year I gained my current job as a front end developer for PlasticStudio here in Wellington. I’d known from halfway through my course that that was where I wanted to work, and it just so happened that they were advertising at the right time! I love the job. I’ve only been here for six months but already I’ve learned more than I could ever have imagined. I get to work on multiple projects and have even had a couple of builds from scratch. My colleagues are very supportive and are always there to help whenever I get stuck or need advice. It’s a social environment, there’s never a dull moment and the music is always playing! What I enjoy most of all is that PlasticStudio has a wide range of clients whose needs are all very different.

“Going back to school and launching a new career has been a big change – I look forward to seeing how it all pans out. From here I want to grow as a developer and become the best I can be. I still have so much to learn and because of the nature of this job, I will forever be evolving and learning.”

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