Graduate Success

Arun Biswas

Employed at Marketing Sales Systems

“The best thing about studying at ACG Yoobee is that it motivates you to think out of the box and not put any limits on your creativity. I had some incredibly talented classmates and my tutor was great. The highlight of my course was a client project, ‘Rangimoekaus’. The whole class did it as a team and the production was covered by Maori TV. You can see the promo by clicking HERE. It was really good to get the opportunity to work on an industry project - such a great learning experience.

“We also did a group project, ‘Abraham’, which won the Yoobee Excellence Award for the Best Group Project in 2013. It then went on to be one of the finalists at the Uni Shorts International Student Film Festival for 2013-2014 (the biggest tertiary student film festival of its type in Australasia). The group activities were a lot of fun and give me valuable experience of working in a team environment.

“I’m originally from New Delhi and came to ACG Yoobee as an international student. I’d completed my Bachelors of Computer Applications in India and was looking to study animation and film making. Since I’m of a different nationality, it wasn’t easy to find work after graduating from ACG Yoobee, however I received constant help and support from the Student Employment Coordinator at the Wellington Campus. She helped me get my current job as a multimedia designer for Marketing Sales Systems.

“I love my job because it enables me to use all my current skills as well as develop new ones. I’m responsible for making business promotion and marketing videos – and thanks to the great skills in animation, film making and general story telling that I developed at ACG Yoobee, I’m able to make these videos interesting and entertaining! Everything I learnt at ACG Yoobee has helped me greatly with what I do. Eventually I hope to become a successful independent film maker.”

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