Graduate Success

Bryan Mahy

Freelance Graphic Designer

“Before moving from Palmerston North to Wellington and studying at Yoobee I was working as a department manager at Countdown. I’d always been interested in the creative industry and have had a passion for illustration most of my life. I saw the course online while researching design schools and felt it was the best fit for me as it looked to have a lot of hands-on projects. I also really liked how they actively helped find work/experience for you not only during the course but afterwards as well. 

“What I really enjoyed about studying at Yoobee was the variety of projects. They were all very enjoyable to work on and helped teach me vital design skills. Probably the most useful skill was learning how to use InDesign. I’d previously had very little experience with it so it was great to master the ins and outs! A real highlight for me was completing the final studio project. I was given the freedom to create whatever I liked within certain guidelines. I managed to write, illustrate and create a hard cover book. Alongside the book I also created bookmarks, a poster and a box to hold all the contents. It was an epic journey and it was very rewarding completing the project within the deadline and presenting it to the class and tutors.

“During my studies I was put forward by the school for a job with a start-up company. I was tasked with a variety of roles from brand management to working with a small group to create an investor document. I worked with this company part-time for six months while studying and gained great work experience and work for my portfolio. I also met other clients through this job.

“Since graduating in March last year, I’ve travelled overseas and lived on a small island in the Caribbean called Saint Kitts. I found freelance work on the island, working on logos and t-shirt designs, and also gained some remote jobs through ACG Yoobee, including game asset design and creating illustrations for a book cover.

“I’m currently preparing to move to Melbourne where I hope to find a full-time job in the design field. Right now I’m freelancing and have done some exciting work for Irish Imbas Books, creating a book cover for their Celtic Mythology book, due for publication next year, as well as creating a small print catalogue of their other books. I really enjoy working for Irish Imbas – the client is great, the work is a lot of fun and I’ve helped create some awesome stuff!”

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