Graduate Success

Carmela Diaz

Graphic Designer, Hansen & Berry


"At 23 years old, I never would've imagined I'd be where I am right now. I moved to Auckland early last year from the Philippines to pursue my love for art and design. Back home, I had my own business that was mainly focused on creating quirky and colourful furniture for kids - something similar to what you see in amusement parks! It was pretty sweet and fun, but I realized that I was only interested and passionate about the graphic design part of it and nothing else. That was when I decided it was time for me to go back to school and learn more about it. 

 “I was choosing between a number of design schools in Auckland, but it was ACG Yoobee that stood out the most. I enrolled in the Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) course which was really awesome - I learned way more than I expected. Not only do they teach you the technical stuff, but they let you be as creative as you want to be - there are no limits when it comes to imagining things, which is immensely liberating for an artist. 

 “Within just 10 months I was able to put heaps of projects on my Behance portfolio website and I was able to find my "style" when it comes to designing and making art. ACG Yoobee does not only help you build your portfolio but they also guide you with employment and job related stuff, which was incredibly helpful especially for an international student like me. With that part sorted out, I was able to get a couple of freelance jobs on the side whilst still at school. I was blessed enough to work with The Orange Company, Screenies: Children's International Film Festival, Beehyyv Ltd., and various Indie bands here in New Zealand as well. 

 “Three months after graduating, I was really lucky to get a job offer from Hansen & Berry Ltd. It came at just the right time and so far all has been good! I am able to use all of the skills that I gained while studying at ACG Yoobee - everything that I learned has come in handy. Currently, I’m creating more and more kiddie designs for the company, and soon enough those designs will be available for people to buy. It's amazing how many opportunities are given to you if you work hard and don't stop being creative. I am incredibly happy and content with where I am right now and I can't wait to see what else is out there for me in the future." 



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