Graduate Success

Charise Geyser

Employed at Green Cross Health

“I work as a graphic designer for Green Cross Health, the head office for Life and Unichem Pharmacy. We support all the Life and Unichem Pharmacies around New Zealand and my role is to create point of sale for monthly campaigns, catalogue spreads, stationery, local area marketing ads, EDMs, DMs and web elements. I love it! You never know what your next project is going to be, you get to test your abilities and challenge yourself, and it’s always very rewarding to see the end product. I also get to work with major beauty houses like Revlon, Maybelline, Lancôme and Estee Lauder – what kind of girl doesn’t get excited about makeup and perfume?!

“I landed this job soon after graduating from ACG Yoobee. When I went in for the interview I made sure I was well presented and had a portfolio featuring all the best work I’d done during my course. I’d also done some research on Green Cross Health so I had some knowledge of what they did, in case they asked me questions about it. They asked me about my course and were impressed with the amount of knowledge I had gained by studying at ACG Yoobee for only a year.

“The Diploma of Computer Graphic Design is very intense - if you didn’t have good time management skills before the course, you would definitely have them by the end of it! You learn everything you need to know, from the very beginning stages of getting a brief from a client, to doing research, creating concepts, finalising the concept and prepping the file for print. I really enjoyed the projects we did. I pushed myself and did things that were outside of my comfort zone, which proved to be a great way to find out what area my skills were strongest and where I was lacking.

“I learnt so much at ACG Yoobee, and I think it reflects in the work I do every day and also in the way I handle myself in situations. As well as learning about the design process, they teach you organisational skills, time management skills, and soft skills such as personal presentation, manners, the way you approach people and how to act when under pressure. These are very important skills to have.”


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