Graduate Success

Chelsea Thrupp

Employed at Putti

“I chose to study at ACG Yoobee because I wanted to learn at an industry standard in a practical environment. Looking at universities around Auckland and Wellington, there was nothing else as well suited for my career goals – all of the courses were at least three years and consisted of a very broad curriculum. When I found ACG Yoobee I realised this was the best solution for me – fast-paced, very specialised, and offering a great amount of support that went beyond class time.

“The atmosphere at ACG Yoobee is great. It’s very lively and everyone is really passionate about their chosen field of study. I was in a class of about 25 students, which meant it was easy to receive support when I needed it and I was able to work very closely with other students and my tutor. The course covered everything and then some, and offered a variety of skills for Web Development – everything from basic graphic design and research to MVC Frameworks, all at an industry standard and of complete relevance to our career goals. Learning skills for real work environments and freelance opportunities (charging clients and creating high level proposals) were a great addition to the technical skills we were taught.

“I applied for an internship halfway through my studies and was offered a position which allowed me to both practice and develop my newfound skills. During the final part of my course I was also able to complete a real industry project and work with clients. “During my studies I became very interested in usability and creating meaningful experiences online. When I realised I was good enough to create a nice modern looking website, I began to look at the big picture – I wanted to start creating with purpose. At ACG Yoobee’s end of year exhibition we had the opportunity to showcase our work to industry professionals. Through this event I had the chance to meet Putti’s CEO and discuss the workflow behind a user interface. We talked about research, wire framing, stakeholder interviews, a/b testing – basic user experience workflows that many designers overlook. We got in contact a few weeks later and I was hired as a User Experience Designer for Putti.

“One of the best things about my job is that I have the opportunity to design for a range of companies and therefore am always working on something new – no two projects will ever have the same branding and style or project constraints. This is something I find very cool as most jobs will revolve around designing and optimising revisions for a single product. I love user experience design! It involves a lot of problem solving, and is always challenging.”

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