Graduate Success

Cristian Rodriguez

Employed at Ora (

“As a Motion Graphics Designer my role involves the creation of motion graphics pieces from scratch. I have meetings with customers, receive briefs, then develop the ideas, scripts, storyboards, motion graphics, audio editing, video editing and so forth. Basically everything that involves the creation of a motion graphics video! What I love most about my work is converting a text (script) into visuals (motion graphics) in a creative way.

“I’m able to do my daily work because of the skills I learnt at ACG Yoobee – and I don’t just mean technical skills. It’s a whole process that involves creativity, storytelling, good ideas, responsibility, quality, working within time frames and meeting deadlines. Most of these skills I either learnt or improved on at ACG Yoobee. “Before studying here I was working as a freelancer in web design. I’d studied advertising and graphic design at university years earlier and had a regular knowledge of video editing and motion graphics, but nothing in depth. I wanted to upskill – particularly in motion graphics – in order to keep up with industry, so I decided to study digital filmmaking.

“It was a good decision. Every single module of the course was really helpful – from developing scripts to mixing audio and exporting video. These are things that I now do in the workplace every day! There were also some special highlights during my time at ACG Yoobee. One of them was the production of my short film “The Shadow”. It has good pre-production and post-production, and the quality turned out well. My favourite project was my individual project “Madman” which was a music video I made for American singer Peter Cornell. It was done with motion graphics in just over ten weeks. “I picked up a few awards during my studies. I won the Adobe Behance Appreciation Award – Portfolio Reviews in 2013 and 2014, and also the ACG Yoobee Excellence Awards in 2013 (Motion Individual Award – National Video-Animation-Film Category). “I also got a few job opportunities through ACG Yoobee. During my course I had the chance to work on some projects with real clients (nearly two years later and I’m still working with one of them!) and I gained an internship with ad agency Y&R. Since graduating I’ve done lots of motion graphics animations for different clients – and that’s exactly what I want to keep doing! I want to keep improving my skills, get better and better at what I do, and eventually have my own studio.”

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