Graduate Success

Dan Pullar

Digital Media Designer, St John New Zealand

“Being paid to be creative is remarkable!  Before discovering ACG Yoobee I was doing boring, unfulfilling retail jobs.  I was tired of my creativity being just a hobby, and was searching for a way to make it a career.  I didn’t want to study for a degree and still have no guarantee of employment.  ACG Yoobee was the only school that taught the things I felt were relevant - plus with them I could do one year with an option of two, and have a good chance of finding work.

“Throughout my Diploma studies I enjoyed challenging and pushing myself, as each assignment was a step in an unknown direction.  The weeks of toil on a project would result in good marks, and pride for what I had achieved. I’ve never been a very disciplined person, but ACG Yoobee gave me something to strive for, teaching me discipline and deadlines but in a creative industry context.  The teachers are great and it was good to be amongst like-minded people – creative, picky, opinionated and visionary! During my diploma studies I got the opportunity to work on several industry projects, including non-for-profit work with Ministry of Awesome, and a tour campaign for NZ rock band ‘No Broadcast’, including print design and photoshoot touch-ups.  I also designed a cover for a published novel. 

“I graduated with distinction from my Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) and landed my job as a digital media designer at St John fairly easily.  It was challenging learning how to work in a real environment.  It’s not the same as a study environment, but at the same time ACG Yoobee helped me gain many skills that made it easier than it would otherwise have been.  They helped me prepare for the industry, and taught me how to conduct myself at interviews, how to create a killer CV and cover letter, and what to expect in my first design job.  ACG Yoobee teaches creative people how to become skilled designers – everything from workplace expectations, to working with professional printers, to how to use industry software.  Now I can do my own advertisements, business cards, and posters, and have a skill that is needed and will always be relevant.  And I’m constantly getting approached by people to do projects for or with them, outside of my regular design job. 

 “No school in the country teaches what ACG Yoobee does, or provides the relevant skills for their students to gain jobs.  I wanted to study something that would be specifically relevant to employment and a career.  The skills I learnt were the exact skills I needed for the workplace.  Of course I had to learn new things in my current job, but the processes and practice I learnt during my diploma studies were very relevant for the position.  I didn’t feel like I wasted anything.

“I’ve always been a creative person, but ACG Yoobee has helped me to use my talent in a commercially useful way.”


Dan Studied