Graduate Success

Daniel Holt

Junior Designer/Mac Operator at Auckland University

“Before I came to ACG Yoobee I was part of the swim team that represented New Zealand at the London Paralympic Games. While I swam, I studied business at Massey University, but decided that sitting in a classroom listening to someone talk and writing essays wasn’t for me. I wanted to do something a bit more hands-on, where I could explore and discover, as well as be taught. I’m a big fan of being shown what is possible and then trying to extend beyond that limit. I’ve always enjoyed being able to create and I’ve also always liked to push people’s perceptions of what I can and can’t do. Being legally blind, most people wouldn’t expect me to follow a career in graphic design!

“I really enjoyed the environment at ACG Yoobee. Classes are small, so that over the year everyone got to know everyone, and we were all able to grow and learn as a class, and give feedback on each other’s work. I particularly enjoyed working on group projects as it gave me a chance to learn more about other students and their design styles. Having solid prepress skills pushed upon us right from the start seemed a little overwhelming at first, but being in the workplace now, I am thankful for it. It means that when it comes to getting my work produced, I don’t have printers coming back to me with problems. We also learnt digital publishing, which is another advantage in the workplace. It’s something that not many people can do, and provides exciting possibilities moving forward as we investigate digital options for the work we produce.

“I graduated from ACG Yoobee last December and am now working as a Junior Designer/Mac Operator at Auckland University. I’ve come into the role at a very exciting time as the University is in the process of a rebrand, which means I have had a little more freedom to help shape the look and feel of future publications and digital email templates. As well as this, my day-to-day role involves rebranding existing collateral to fit within the new style guidelines and working with internal clients on prospectuses and promotional material for upcoming events. No two days are ever the same – I might start the day designing a PowerPoint template, and end the day designing a billboard, bus back or Facebook banner!”

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