Graduate Success

Dave Saitaua

Employed at The Warehouse Group

“I’ll never forget walking past an ACG Yoobee stand at an expo – they had an artist sketching something in pencil which was also displayed on a screen. At the time I thought how cool it was and was amazed by the talent. Sometime later, when I finally decided to leave my job as an underwriter for IAG insurance and study Web Development, ACG Yoobee was at the forefront of my mind because of the lasting impression that artist had left. I hadn’t even spoken with anyone at the expo. The talent spoke for itself.

“I enjoyed studying at ACG Yoobee. The group that I was with were all as determined and eager to learn as I was, and the tutors were relaxed and related well to the class. Aside from all the technical skills, the course taught me how important it is to be able to adapt and have a back-up plan. It also gave me an appreciation for websites in general. Knowing how they work in the back end means I don’t have to continually bug co-workers with questions. Knowing what is feasible and what isn’t, in terms of how a site functions, gives me an advantage.

“During my studies I began working for The Warehouse Group part-time in their customer care team. Now I’m working for them as a Digital Content Assistant – it’s a secondment until February next year and is showing great prospects. I look after the promotional activities that relate directly to The Warehouse one day deal site ‘Red Alert’. I’m responsible for the accurate and timely execution of the day to day initiatives that are run on this site. This involves planning, executing and managing content placed on the site, and it has a coding element to it, which is great as I can fall back on my ACG Yoobee studies. On top of this, I’m gaining exposure to the main site, which is definitely a step in the right direction!

“This role has given me a boost in confidence and I’m looking ahead in my career. I’m going to learn as much as I can from this current role and use it to propel me forward. The sky’s the limit!”

Dave Studied