Graduate Success

Denise Fung

Nationality: Chinese
Airways New Zealand
In-house Digital/Graphic Designer

After completing a degree in advertising and working for a multimedia company in Shenzhen China, Denise Fung moved to New Zealand to broaden her career. It was a smart move. In just three years Denise has gained not just exceptional qualifications, but also a string of awards, and a diverse range of industry experience. She now has a great job working for New Zealand’s leading air navigation service provider.

What were the biggest benefits of studying at Yoobee?
I learnt so much during my studies – layout design, digital illustration, image capture, design and visualisation, branding and advertising, pre-press and problem solving, packaging, typography and more! At Yoobee, students are expected to treat their studies as a job, which is invaluable when you actually get into the workplace. We were encouraged to treat our tutor as our manager, our classmates as colleagues, and our assignments as work projects. We had to be in class on time, notify tutors when sick, and seek guidance when needed – just like you do in the workplace. It helped us develop good work habits while we were studying.

My tutors at Yoobee were very inspirational and have been great mentors to me. The facilities and the study environment are fantastic too. It was really inspiring to be with other students who shared my passion for design and my interest for making creative stuff. I loved the fact that all of our artwork was displayed around the campus, as it made Yoobee Christchurch a very inviting place to be!

Yoobee provided me with an ideal platform to learn about the design industry and encouraged me to explore certain areas of design further. Things are constantly changing – especially in the world of design and technology – so you always need to keep learning.

Did you gain any industry experience or recognition during your studies?
I had the opportunity to work on a range of branding and identity design projects for a number of different organisations including Canterbury International Education (CIED) Leadership Accord, University of Canterbury Computer Society (CompSoc) and Gap Filler.

I also won a few awards. In 2016 my redesign of the New Zealand flag gained recognition on Behance and was shortlisted for The New Zealand Flag Consideration Project.

In addition, I won a Mental Health Awareness Week competition, a Six60 visual design contest, and a Behance Appreciation Award coin.
Winner of the Mental Health Awareness Week-GIVE Art Competition
Winner | Six60's Visual Design Contest

You now have a fantastic job as a designer for Airways New Zealand. Tell us more.
During my Level 6 studies Yoobee helped me secure an internship with Christchurch Educated, a group of local education providers. I initially interned as a social media ambassador, and later as a graphic designer. This work experience was invaluable in helping me secure my job with Airways New Zealand. I started off working for them part-time during Level 7 and after graduating they took me on full-time. I really enjoy the work, which includes everything from digital and print marketing collateral, web content management and branding, through to 3D modelling and animation, motion graphics and video editing. The role is diverse and interesting and has given me the chance to work on some really cool projects involving drones, digital towers and virtual reality. The aviation industry is fascinating!

To check out Denise’s work go to:

Airways New Zealand
State-owned enterprise, Airways New Zealand, delivers air navigation and air traffic management consultancy and training services throughout New Zealand and in over 65 countries. It has a global reputation for leading innovation and development in the aviation sector, and controls all domestic and international air traffic travelling within New Zealand’s Flight Information Region (FIR). New Zealand’s FIR spans 30 million square kilometres, making it one of the largest areas of airspace in the world.

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