Graduate Success

Dmitriy Sidelnyk (Dima)

Self employed

“I’m originally from Kiev, Ukraine, but there are no proper 3D graphics schools over there, so I came to New Zealand – not only to study, but also to get some experience working in the industry. There are so many studios here, including world-famous Weta! Before starting at ACG Yoobee I was creating explainer animation videos for various companies. I wanted to improve my skills and learn more about 3D graphics and animation, so in March this year I enrolled in the Advanced 3D Graphics course at the Auckland Campus.

“One of the highlights so far has been the Still Life project, where we had to make a 3D representation of a photo taken in a studio. Now we are working on a group project, ‘Codex’, which is also pretty cool. It’s a short film with live integration, which means some characters and locations are filmed and the rest will be Computer Graphics. I’m currently working on animation of a small creature with six legs, Ragnox! We’re recording our journey online from concept through to completion, so if you’re keen to learn more about the full process of creating a film, check us out here:

“There have been some good opportunities since starting at ACG Yoobee. I won a little speed modelling challenge, modelling and texturing a Starbucks coffee cup. I also landed an animator job working on a project with Small Town Media, thanks to a recommendation from a classmate. The skills I’ve been learning at ACG Yoobee are proving to be valuable in my work as a freelance animator, particularly in regards to organising workflow and working with a 3D camera.

“As well as arming me with some great technical skills, ACG Yoobee has taught me a lot about working in a team and meeting deadlines. Once I graduate I’ll be looking to get into a studio as an animator – hopefully Weta, Toybox or Flux.”

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