Graduate Success

Emilie Park

Employed at Orion Health

“I’m in a three month internship programme at the moment with the UX team at Orion Health. The team is really supportive and it’s great being mentored by experienced staff. I’m learning user experience in depth and working on a mobile version of some of Orion’s software. It’s such a highlight to be part of the special UX force, and to gain experience in a big, well-known Kiwi company.

“Entering the workforce after graduating from Yoobee was a bit daunting – I still feel like job ads are seeking someone else, not me! But my Yoobee tutor always trained us to think positively and adopt a can-do attitude. His method really works! Now, when companies ask for ten specific skills, and I can only do five of them, I focus on my five strengths, rather than worrying about what I can’t do.

“My tutor’s passion for sharing his knowledge was a big help. Yoobee gave me the fundamental and practical skills I need to embark on a career in the web industry. I think the most valuable thing I gained was being able to explore other programming languages by myself, without fear. I’ve learnt how to catch fish, not just be fed!”

Emilie Studied