Graduate Success

Emily Parker

Employed at Ze Magazine

“I loved studying at ACG Yoobee. It was a fantastic learning environment and the friendly, open staff make it a fun place to be. I really liked the fact the Graphic Design course was quite focussed on the software and I thought the briefs were really fun. Studio Project was my favourite - getting to focus for several weeks on one thing was quite indulgent! The Diploma of Digital Media really pushed my boundaries. I can be quite literal and it taught me a lot about the creative process and how to think outside of my usual parameters. The penny finally dropped in the last month that if you follow the creative process, it really develops your ideas to the next level. It was tough, but my work improved drastically.

“I also learned how to take criticism (although I’m still working on it!). I realised that it’s not personal, and that the best asset you have is yourself. Anyone can learn the software, but you have to provide the edge. During my studies I won the Behance Portfolio review award and had a piece of work selected from my online portfolio and printed in a book about design. That was really cool.

“After graduating I answered a job app on the ACG Yoobee job-finder Facebook page for sole designer at Ze Magazine. I had a very informal interview (my boss bought me a glass of wine!) and I got the job. Ze is a 164 page gloss, perfect bound advertising magazine that services the Bay of Plenty/Waikato area. I do everything, so it’s really full on. Luckily my background is in advertising, communications, writing and proofing – I have no doubt the role would be much harder without a similar work history. I do have to be super organised but it’s been great to stay current with the software and put the things I’ve learned into practice in a real situation.

“ACG Yoobee allowed me to finally realise my dream of being a designer, for which I cannot thank them enough. I’ve waited a long time for this and it’s a great feeling to be able to say ‘I’m a Graphic Designer’!”

Emily Studied