Graduate Success

Henry Williamson

Employed at Reel Factory

“Having a career in the industry always seemed like this unattainable fantasy that would take years and years to achieve, but really all you need is some determination, opportunities to meet the right people, and the courage to put yourself out there. “When I was about to graduate from ACG Yoobee I sent a text to Reel Factory, telling them that they were an awesome crew and that I’d love to be a part of their team. I didn’t expect anything to come out of it, but I got a message back to come in for a chat. A week later, just before I graduated, I got the job! I’m assisting with data management and editing, and have also had the chance to be out on a couple of shoots and operate some very cool cameras (which is where my interest primarily lies).

“What I love most is being able to do what I love doing every day of the week – and getting paid for it! I have the chance to work with the best software and equipment, including ultra-high speed cameras and heavy lifting drones (which is what Reel Factory specialise in). Everyone I work with is awesome! We’re all very like-minded and happy to be doing what we’re doing. It’s a really charged work environment and I learn a lot every day. It’s a small team and everyone relies on each other. There can’t be any dead weight! That was one of the most valuable things I learnt from ACG Yoobee – self-reliance and the ability to work well both by myself and as part of a team. “I’m originally from Christchurch and planned to enrol at ACG Yoobee straight after I’d finished high school. The focus on hands-experience - learning by doing - was what appealed to me most. It was something I didn’t see much of in other tertiary institutions. However after the earthquakes the Christchurch Campus was in the red zone so I went travelling overseas for a couple of years instead. In 2013 I came back to New Zealand and enrolled at ACG Yoobee in Auckland, where I completed my Digital Video & Animation course and my Digital Filmmaking (Advanced). One of the highlights was the disarming, open learning environment. All the tutors are so friendly and are much more like peers than teachers. They’re open to answering all your questions and have a genuine interest in your work.

“Initially I was working part-time in hospitality during my studies, but I eventually gave that up as I began getting chances to be involved with industry work, and working in a restaurant was limiting those opportunities. That’s when I decided I was going to fully commit myself to getting work related to production. Setting that goal for myself guided my efforts for the rest of the year, and after my tutor set me up to be on set for a few different productions I was able to make some great industry contacts. Everything fell into place!

“From here, I hope I can keep working for Reel Factory and have the opportunity to travel New Zealand and overseas for shoots, as I’ve been told this is definitely something that happens within the company. I couldn’t imagine a better life than being able to travel and do the job I love every day!”

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