Graduate Success

Jake Dale

Junior Developer at SilverStripe

“I enrolled in the Diploma of Web Development at ACG Yoobee Wellington last July with the intention of upskilling and getting a foot in the door to the industry. I used to live in Christchurch and had studied Multimedia Design there, but moved to Wellington to find full-time work. It was harder than I expected to get a job that I was satisfied with, so ACG Yoobee seemed like a good option. It appealed because it was a one-year course, plus I liked all the posters I’d seen around. It looked like a place that understood what they were teaching!

“The most valuable skills I learnt during my time there were how to teach myself, and how to debug. The web industry is forever moving forward with new technologies so it was good to get a grasp on how to approach keeping up and learning these new things. I also got the opportunity to work on a couple of industry projects, including websites for Lady Luck (a great little food caravan in Kaiwharawhara), Empty Bowls (a charity organisation), and Charity Builders (a building company).

“After graduating I applied for a job as an Intermediate PHP Developer and got an interview. I didn’t meet the level they were after for that role however I was told that there might be a possibility for an internship. So I went home and made a website using the SilverStripe framework and sent it to them. I guess they were impressed enough to take me on, and for that I am very thankful!

“I spent my first three months there as an intern on the ‘Might Ops’ team - they are the Support Developers for the company. My day-to-day duties focussed around resolving clients’ problems and I enjoyed it immensely. After my internship finished they hired me as a Junior Developer. I’ve learnt an incredible amount and my team (and the company as a whole) are very supportive and always willing to help me out with anything I don’t know. A lot of what I do is more server side than development side, but the skills I learnt at ACG Yoobee are still proving to be very useful. I often have to do some code tweaks so the development training definitely comes in handy and I am also utilizing the type of thinking we were taught during our Diploma course.”

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