Graduate Success

Jeremy Kyle

Visual Artist/Art Director

I’ve been working as a full-time visual artist and art director for three or four years now. I’ve done campaigns for the United Nations, the History Channel, the New York Times and most recently, the Chicago Bulls! My work has been showcased and discussed in numerous settings including CNN, One News, The Hobbit, Estate of Tupac Shakur, X Factor NZ, Hooped Up, Get Frank Magazine, Art Collective Magazine and Design TAXI.

“In the early stages is was hard establishing a strong body of work and building trust in my brand amongst the international creative community. This required me to go well beyond the duty of ‘work’! I began by branding all of my work and testing to see which artworks people took the most interest in, and why. In order to get your work seen by the masses you need to offer content which people believe (tapping into a culture is the best way). This gets people talking about you and sooner or later your work will get picked up by some important or famous individuals, who will showcase it to millions.

“Through a strong network combination of Behance, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as a professional website, I showcased my brand effectively. I gained people’s attention by creating content that would naturally attract them. I gained their trust by showcasing who I’d already worked for. Through perseverance, research and continual hard work, I began to deliver content /services that were attractive to big name clients who offered a unique but artistic form of visual communication. I had an intuitive feeling that things could get pretty big – but I didn’t realise my work would blow up quite this big!Through persevering in my work, my life has changed.  I'm able to make a good living working on global projects for dream clients. Being able to represent my local community, my design school and ultimately New Zealand is a true honour. 

“Rewinding the clock back a few years, I came to Yoobee in 2010, after spending a year at Whitecliffe dabbling in various creative areas including photography, painting, design and drawing.  Yoobee appealed because it would equip me with the technical side of creative graphic design, as well as refine my professional practice so that I could thrive in the industry. I started with my Diploma of Computer Graphic Design and then carried on and gained my Diploma in Digital Media (Advanced). I really enjoyed the sense of community at Yoobee. We operated like a design studio/agency, but beyond the studies we formed strong relationships, which helped establish a thriving creative atmosphere. I gained a thorough understanding of design elements and principals, and learnt how and why a piece of design/artwork is successful. I also developed great team work and communication skills - speaking about my work in front of my class prepared me very well for the work I do now.

“After graduating from Yoobee I gatewayed through to Unitec and gained my Bachelors in Graphic Design & Animation. The rest, as they say, is history! In a couple of months I’m heading to Chicago where I’ll be exhibiting my Chicago Bulls work, touring their facilities and attending their games. Then it’s on to New York (the art capital of the world and the ultimate place to network) to immerse myself in the art community. I’ve also got my sights set on working for Air Jordan, Eminem and Justin Bieber - I love the culture and products these names offer.

“From here I really believe there is no limit to what I can achieve in the world of art and design.”



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