Graduate Success

Jericho Jayme

How has your course at Yoobee helped you?
The programme gave me a new and fresh perspective of being a professional creative in New Zealand.  It taught me how to enhance my time-management and research skills, either working as an individual or as a teammate. And ultimately it sharpened my creative skills more.

How did you feel when you were commissioned to create the first campaign for Yoobee?
I was extremely proud and felt privileged to be given such an opportunity, especially being part of the school’s campaign where I could share my creative skills.  And then of course I was really excited to see the work displayed all around New Zealand!

What was your process?
Essentially I was inspired by streetwear design, then I added my own flair to the brand as I wanted it to stand out and be attractive, in order to engage the target audience.  Then once I was on this path, I was motivated through digital and physical tools I use as a professional illustrator / graphic designer.

What do you think of the end result?
I think it’s a fun, expressive and engaging artwork that can capture the eyes of creative students.

Where are you working now?  And what is your role?
I’m currently a casual graphic designer at Heritage Carpets, and I’m just about to start work at Rydges Hotel as a multi-media designer at the end of June.

What is exciting in your work, and what does it involve?
I love coming up with new ideas, and sharing my creative ideas to the team.  I really enjoy working with people from different backgrounds and experiences.  A lot of my work at the moment is around branding and editorial collateral.

Did your course at Yoobee live up to your expectations?
It sure did, the exposure to the design industry was really helpful and also studio work with other creatives was a really great experience for me.

How did you feel when you were coming to Yoobee?
I was really excited and thrilled to meet and then get to know my classmates (team) and tutors, knowing that they are professional creative people from different culture, background, and experiences.

What were the highlights of your course?
I particularly enjoyed the exhibition, group projects and just simply working with creative people.  Pecha Kucha was also a very memorable experience - standing and talking in front of an audience.

Have you won any awards or competitions?
Yes, I have and include:

  • Company logo competition by Wild & Green Boutique, a new company that offers organic, cruelty-free and vegan products. (This was posted on school facebook page)
  • Streetwear Design Competition held by Yoobee School of Design.

How did your Yoobee training help you on your path to your career goal?

  • Networking - introducing us to the school's friends and partners in the design industry.
  • Professional Skills - really helpful career advice, CV and interview tips
  • Immersion to the New Zealand culture.

What is one life lesson you learnt during your study and work?
I will always be a student of design, constantly upskilling and learning from other creative people, whether it would be design-related or life experiences.

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