Graduate Success

Jessie Burgess

Junior VFX Artist, Park Road Post Production

“I started ACG Yoobee straight after finishing high school in Dunedin.  It was the only place where I could study what I wanted in a studio environment – where I could actually do and make the work rather than just reading about it. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on a range of projects and visit local studios. I was able to get involved in a wide range of tasks, such as continuity and set design, and also had a lot of fun during social outings with the class. During my studies I was offered a chance to work with Luminate Productions as their art director on music videos, which broadened my understanding of working on set.

“I gained my Diploma of Animation and Digital Video at ACG Yoobee Christchurch, graduating with the Diligence Award (for 100% attendance) and a Diploma with Distinction. I then moved to ACG Yoobee Auckland to gain my Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced) and my Diploma of Advanced 3D Graphics. I gained Diplomas with Distinction for both of them too, as well as the Diligence Award in my second year, and the Best VFX Artist Award in my final year.

“I learnt a lot of valuable skills during my time at Yoobee…how to work as a team, as well as an individual; how to interact with a variety of people and how to integrate my skills with theirs; patience and tenacity.

“Park Road showed an interest in my skills while I was studying, and I sent them emails throughout the year, keeping them updated.  Halfway through last year I was offered a Skype interview with the head of their VFX Department, which was very exciting! Then at the beginning of this year I emailed them again and shortly after, they offered me a two month contract. I was super-excited and happy! I wasn’t expecting to get a job like this straight after graduating – but I just kept my hopes up and kept trying. I was determined not to give up until the right opportunity came along. Now I just have to prove my skills are worthy of this prestigious studio, and hopefully they’ll consider me for another contract in the future. I couldn’t have dreamt of having this job without studying at ACG Yoobee.  My thorough training, trials and tribulations there have prepared me well for my future in the film industry.

“Where to from here? I hope to keep developing my skills and learning new ones, while getting better at being a compositor.  I want to work on a range of different projects and styles, and eventually be one of the best in the industry.”


Jessie Studied