Graduate Success

Duong Hoang Trung Do (Jim Do)

Nationality: Vietnamese
Be Intent
Graphic Designer

Transitioning from the classroom to the workplace has been a smooth process for Vietnamese graphic designer Jim Do, thanks to the employment support and top quality training he received at Yoobee School of Design in Auckland.

What brought you to Yoobee School of Design?
I was working in the marketing sector.  My boss at the time had previously studied at Yoobee, and highly recommended it to me. I had already studied at another design school – but nothing has made me as proud as studying at Yoobee.

What were the highlights of your studies?
The environment at Yoobee is supportive and professional. Tutors come from a diverse range of backgrounds within the industry and are always willing to offer students help and expertise. I learnt to cultivate the right attitude and I developed my design thinking. There is a fine balance between creativity and function, and building my design thinking skills has helped me work more effectively and meet deadlines on time.

Yoobee prepares its students really well for working in the design sector. The campus has a studio environment, so it’s easy to adapt to life in a real agency studio or creative company once you graduate. All work has to meet industry standards – if it’s not good enough tutors get you to re-do it, just like you have to do in the workplace. This environment is extremely valuable because you get used to working under pressure, and it makes the transition from study to work that much easier.

What industry experience have you gained in New Zealand?
Yoobee has an amazing careers advisor who helps students with their CVs and prepares them for job interviews, and the tutors are also really supportive in this area. During my Yoobee studies the careers advisor hooked me up with a couple of jobs – a rebrand of a logo and some marketing collateral. Also, during my studies I worked for a company in Vietnam and another in China, making logo concepts and key visuals for branding identity. It was all good experience for me.

After graduating, I got my current role as an in-house graphic designer for Be Intent. I’m really enjoying it and have learnt a lot from my boss and colleagues. In my free time I work on my own personal design projects. From here I want to keep building my knowledge and skills, and hopefully I’ll become an art director within the next six years.

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