Graduate Success

Joanne Whyte

Employed at Toast

“ACG Yoobee was the best year of my life! Going back to study and studying something that I love really motivated me to give it my all. There were so many highlights, like the lengths ACG Yoobee staff went to, to help me get to where I wanted to go. Or when Greg Straight came in as a guest speaker - I totally geeked out, and loved listening to him telling us about his journey. Listening to guest speakers really inspired me to believe in myself and realise that I can do this. The Behance night ACG Yoobee put on, where we had industry professionals take a look at our work and give feedback, was amazing. I received two Behance Appreciation Stickers, one for my children’s book and the other for my little red riding hood photography. I also won the Maori Language Week photography competition.

“While I was at ACG Yoobee I started up my own business and began freelancing. I worked on a few small start-up companies, did some Photoshop work for the Comedy Festival, and a programme and poster for a local pony club. I also helped rebrand an Australian company, did a logo for a local hockey team and a few other projects that helped give me exposure to the real world. The skills I was learning at ACG Yoobee proved to be very valuable, particularly pre-press, Adobe software and design principles.

“At our end of year exhibition one of my tutors introduced me to Toast. Not long after, they advertised for a Junior Mac Operator/Graphic Designer and I applied. I was called in for an interview and managed to get past the first stage – it might have helped that I designed them toast-shaped coasters that said things like ‘Just TOAST it’ and ‘All Day I Dream About TOAST’! The next stage was a magazine layout test that took place in the office. I had as much time as I needed to put it together so I spent the whole day there. I loved being surrounded by other creative people who were absolutely hilarious and had expressive language. I got the job, and so far it’s been great! I’ve worked on heaps of different projects and have learnt a lot already. At the moment my main job is to help the team with changes to existing work, layout magazines and brochures and do Photoshopping work. One of my number one things I was looking for when I was applying for roles was the environment, and I’m so happy that I managed to find the right one.”

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