Graduate Success

Josh Walden

Self employed

“I enrolled at ACG Yoobee back in 2011 because a friend who had previously studied there recommended it. It was a good choice for me because it allowed me to follow my own creative path and opened me up to many different avenues within my chosen field of study. ACG Yoobee also has state of the art facilities, so sometimes it was very hard to go home!

“iCreate was a great course to start with, as it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a bit of everything. This was ideal because I still hadn’t made up my mind exactly what I wanted to do. It opened me up to new opportunities, taught me how to animate in Flash and design my own magazine. I also made a lot of new friends.

“From there I went on to complete three diplomas at ACG Yoobee. The first was the Diploma of Animation and Digital Video. This taught me heaps about digital filmmaking and post-production, and even more importantly helped me discover where my passion lies – 3D animation! So I then gained my Diploma in Animation (Advanced) which taught me more advanced techniques in 3D animation and CGI. We got to put our skills to the test in a group client project which was awesome.

“Lastly I completed the Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics, which I’ve just graduated from. I really enjoyed this course because it helped me refine my skills as an animator and helped get me work-ready through the many client and group projects and visits from industry guests. At the end of the course I was presented with an Animation Award for my work on a VFX short. The client who presented it was an animator from Weta Digital, which made it that much better! Also one of the short films I worked on has just won Best Animated Short at Tropfest – the world’s largest short film festival.

“ACG Yoobee taught me a lot of technical skills – but even more invaluable were the skills I gained in time management and self-motivation. These are really important because this industry is very deadline-driven. ACG Yoobee has been a big help in posting new job opportunities and connecting me with people within the industry, and I’m now that I’ve graduated I’m sending out my CV and showreel to all the studios. My dream would be to get work as a creature animator at Weta Digital and eventually travel the world with my skills.”

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