Graduate Success

Karl Mony

Nationality: Cambodian
Melon Health
UI/UX Designer

There’s a lot to be said for determination and passion. Karl Mony landed his first job in the design industry without any formal qualifications, having taught himself the skills he needed to work as a multimedia designer. But when the time came for Karl to take his career to the next level, he knew there would be no substitute for formal training and industry-recognised qualifications.

What brought you to Yoobee School of Design?
I was working as a multimedia designer for a company in Cambodia. I’d been there for about a year but was looking to further pursue my passion for design. I did some research and discovered that Yoobee was well recognised and offered a curriculum that allowed students to choose their own area of specialisation. That really appealed to me, so I moved to New Zealand, studied English for a bit and then started at Yoobee.

Tell us about your studies.
The course really lived up to my expectations. It helped me develop an eye for design and enabled me to see creativity from a different angle. I learned how to be self-directed, welcome criticism with open arms, and work hard towards the career that I truly want. I am now more confident in showing my design and thinking skills, and am better able to put them to good use.

Yoobee equipped me with design theories, history and practices that have helped me understand what makes a good design, and I especially enjoyed the work we did on design history and essays, the client brief and the group projects. I participated in a collaborative trailer, where we turned every classmate into little moving characters. That was a lot of fun! I also won a Behance Appreciation Award at the Behance Portfolio Reviews, which was pretty cool.

How have your Yoobee studies boosted your career?
Yoobee helped me prepare for the initial stage of getting a job in New Zealand. It’s a great stepping stone that speeds up the process of working your way up in the design industry. There were a lot of workshops and classes to help us prepare our CVs and put together good portfolios. My tutor also put me forward for a small project at Core Athletic Apparel, designing sports apparel and uploading 3D templates that enabled users to customise the design. It was good industry experience and earned me a valuable reference.

After graduating I secured a part-time design job at Be Intent, an app and wellbeing tool. I worked there for three months before moving to Wellington to take up my current role as a UI/UX Designer for Melon Health. My daily work involves designing user experience and user interface for Melon Health’s apps and websites, along with other graphic design work such as posters, signage, branding, business collateral and videos. I love it - particularly being able to solve user problems by making products more visually pleasing, more functional and easier to navigate.

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Melon Health
Melon Health is a digital health company focussed on helping people improve their wellbeing by providing them with tools, support, education, motivation and confidence. They develop innovative web and mobile health solutions for the prevention and management of long term conditions and create tools that enable users to lead healthier, happier lives. Melon Health is an international organisation with offices in San Francisco and Wellington.

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