Graduate Success

Kaz Kostiuk-Warren

Employed at 4 & Rotary Promotions

“After studying Graphic Design in 2010, one of my tutors recommended me for my current job at 4 & Rotary Promotions. It started out just one or two days a week, but quickly turned into a full-time job. I’m in charge of all graphic design, web, social media, videography and photography for the business. I also run the NZ Superlap Series, which is a Time Attack based race series around the country. Alongside this, we run a couple of side businesses – Custom Shirts NZ and Prowear, specialising in custom race suits, race wear, crew shirts and sportswear.

“The coolest part of my job is definitely seeing all our hard work in action at our events throughout the country, and the enjoyment other people get out of it. That and all the free stuff I get from our sponsors! I do such a huge range of things in my job - there’s always something new to do and every day is different! It’s also exciting to see your work out and about on billboards and television.

“Without studying at ACG Yoobee I might not have followed this career path, and I definitely wouldn’t have the job I do today. ACG Yoobee taught me how to stick to strict deadlines, plus loads of little computer shortcuts that help me work more efficiently. They also helped me find a job that combined my two passions, cars and design.

“I’ve always had an interest in cars, especially European cars (I’ve owned six BMW’s!), however it wasn’t until I got this job that it really took off. We get to deal with some of the best cars in the country on a day to day basis, which only motivates me to make my vehicles even better (and faster!).”

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