Graduate Success

Kieran Roberts

Web Designer/Developer – Pinnacle & Co. Ltd.

What brought you to Yoobee?
I studied Graphic Design at a tertiary level and then came to Web Development.  I was immediately impressed by the showcase of student work throughout the campus, it amplified creativity and fostered learning.

I came to Yoobee with virtually zero web development knowledge, but with a keen enthusiasm and was pleasantly surprised with how Yoobee catered to the different skill levels of students.

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the class members was crucial to accelerate learning. Also the small class sizes were immensely beneficial as one on one time with the tutor became imperative.

How did you find the programme?

The web development course was very flexible in the way that it allowed exploration of the vast web development world, different web technologies, different languages, different approaches and with the whole class exploring different things you would learn so much from one another. Having a great tutor that encouraged independent learning, and was always happy to answer any questions, was exceptional.

What did you take away from Yoobee?

The single biggest skill I took away from Yoobee is how to approach and solve complex problems. Yoobee taught me how to approach problems in an architectural sense, correctly scoping the entire project, breaking the project into fragments and creating a plan of action, this understanding is key to my daily workflow. 

What do you do as a Web Designer/Developer?

In my current role as “Web Designer/Developer” at an Advertising Agency, I am constantly tasked with creating measurable results which could range from technical to emotional, so understanding how to break the problem down and approach it in a meaningful way is crucial to success in my position.

And advice for new students?

For potential and new students, Yoobee will undoubtedly provide an exceptional education and learning environment.  The big focus should be on what you will you gain from it, what will you extract from it and how will you optimize every minute of your opportunity at Yoobee.

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