Graduate Success

Marcus Patman

Employed at Grinding Gear Games

“I was working at Stickmen Studios as a concept/3D artist.  I wanted to learn a wider range of software and some more tricks of the trade so I enrolled in the Advanced 3D Graphics course at ACG Yoobee Auckland.  It was great to have plenty of creative freedom and access to a range of industry software. I was new to zBrush and Mari before coming to ACG Yoobee - those programs are industry standards so learning them was really valuable.  It was also great to practice my sculpting and gain a better sense of form. I won the Cerebral Fix 3D Modelling Award for my transformation of an H.R. Giger painting into 3D. This is it pictured here.

“After graduating I got a job as a 3D artist for Grinding Gear Games, an independent video game development studio, who are developing Path of Exile.  I make models for the game based on art provided by the studio’s concept artists.  I get to do a lot of sculpting in zBrush, which I love, and the concept art I get to work from is really cool – it’s great being involved in recreating it in 3D.”

Marcus Studied