Graduate Success

Megan Hodgson

Employed at HotHouse

“I came to ACG Yoobee about six months after finishing high school. I loved the thought of practical courses, and the fact that ACG Yoobee’s diplomas are short and to the point. Everything we learned was relevant to the workplace, and we did a couple of projects working on real life jobs for real life clients. I worked with a doctor and did the design and layout of an Antibiotic Guidelines Handbook to be used in Samoa's main hospital. I have had ongoing work from this project - next we're doing a handbook for Rarotonga. I also did a job for a client who manufactures home brewery systems, creating branding, business cards, a brochure and a user guide. For the Project Choice assignment we were required to learn a new skill. I learnt how to use Adobe Muse and created a website for the Nelson Angel Women's Loan Fund, a non-profit organisation.

“These projects and assignments were all practice for the variety of work we would face in the working world. Being able to see each project unfold from start to finish was really rewarding - pulling together research from various sources, putting together concepts and then producing the final printed product to a professional standard. As well as assignments which gave us authentic industry experience, we also had assignments which could win us prizes. In the FMC Packaging assignment in Computer Graphic Design, my coffee beans barcode won second prize in the GS1 barcode competition. I won $1000 in prize money!

“So many of the skills I learnt at ACG Yoobee have helped me get where I am today. Using industry standard software on a daily basis is really valuable as it teaches you how to work quickly and efficiently in a real job. We worked a lot on learning to present our work to an audience, which really helped build the skills and confidence to enable me to speak about my work in a convincing and professional way. We also put together our CVs and I put a lot of time into an online portfolio website, showcasing my work. The CV writing and self-promotion skills we learnt were really beneficial - I knew exactly how to go about looking for work when I graduated.

“I was awarded Distinction for both my Diplomas – a nice added extra that was worth striving for – and after graduation I returned to my hometown Nelson in the hope of finding work. I sent my CV off to the design agencies around town (there are very few of them) and within a day I heard back from the biggest agency in town, HotHouse, inviting me for an interview. They didn't actually have a position available but they were so impressed with me/my skills/my portfolio that they hired me as a Graphic Designer and I jumped straight into client work on my first day! I was able to settle right into the role as it was exactly what ACG Yoobee had prepared me for.

“I mainly design for print - brochures, posters, stationary, branding, signage, packaging, magazines, and annual reports. The work is constantly changing and the variety is enormous. We work with everyone from small local firms to multi-million dollar industry companies. I get a real kick out of being able to see my work out in the real world and say "I did that". I can imagine staying in this job for years to come - I have been here for 15 months now and have grown so much already. I can't wait to keep getting more and more experience.”

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