Graduate Success

Miles Wilson

Employed at Flux

“My first year at ACG Yoobee was a bit of a blur! The Diploma in Animation and Digital Video is a very broad class, and I learned a lot about the different fields. It served me well in showing me that I wanted to head down the animation stream, rather than film, and also taught me a lot of skills I would use later (shooting movies, audio editing, Photoshop, etc.)

"The Diploma of Animation (Advanced) was a lot more in-depth. I learned the basics of animation, and also picked up skills like rigging and modelling. The highlight was working on a short film, a live-action/CG mix, Dragosaurs. I loved shooting on location, and working with the awesome models my classmates created. Our class went to Wellington to attend AnimFX, a national animation conference. It was amazing being surrounded by so many professionals, and hearing about the different productions. We also got to visit Park Road Post, where Weta presented some of their work.The Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics was where I got to refine my skills. We had a lot of projects, and the breadth of skills I learned, and the depth I learnt them to, meant I was in a great position to work in a wide range of areas. The project I most enjoyed was our short film, EGG. I took on many roles for it, and the time pressure allowed me to really push myself through stuff that used to trip me up.

“But I think the most valuable thing I gained from ACG Yoobee was attitude. I learned how to work as part of a team, when to compromise and when to shoot for the best. I also learned to always try new things. ACG Yoobee armed me with a broad range of skills to pull from, which meant I could handle any work that was given to me, and prevent problems arising later in the pipeline.

“During my studies, I helped out a freelancer with some contract work. He taught me a few tricks that sped up my workflow and improved my rigging, as well as encouraging "clean" files. As a class, we worked on a couple of industry projects, including Dragosaurs, a game cinematic, and a Kickstarter video for a kids show. These all taught me about working to a client's specs, as well as working to a deadline.

“In my final year, I attended the bi-yearly Behance night and got two commendations. I was awarded Best Overall Student at graduation, earning a two-week internship at Flux, which progressed to a trial, and then a full-time job. My role includes animating props and characters, layout, rendering, rigging, modelling, and texturing – I do anything that needs doing really! I was a 3D Animator on our movie, but now I'm a 3D Generalist on a TV show called Wiki. I'll probably go back to being a 3D Animator soon! I’m learning so much at Flux and my skills have improved immensely. I love working with so many skilled people and I also enjoy being able to put my own stamp on things. Eventually I hope to work for some of the biggest companies in the industry, such as Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks, and also start making my own films.”


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