Graduate Success

Mohit Batta

Modelling Intern, Huhu Studios

“I’ve always been a big fan of cartoons and games. I’m 23 years old and I still watch heaps of cartoons and play lots of games! I just wanted to be a part of it all - a part of this industry where your imagination can run wild! That’s what led me to study 3D graphics and animation.

‘I’m from Chandigarh in India and studied 3D back home for almost two years. I got a job as a 3D consultant for mobile gaming in an IT company, Seasia Infotech, but I wanted to learn more and get better so I started looking at schools overseas. I loved The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit so New Zealand seemed like a good option! I started at ACG Yoobee Auckland in 2014, first doing a Diploma of Animation (Advanced) and then going onto the Level 7 Advanced 3D Graphics course.


“Studying at ACG Yoobee was great. The two years went by so fast because it was so much fun. The tutors are awesome. They introduced us to heaps of industry guests, taught us how to work under pressure and meet deadlines, and lots of invaluable tips and tricks.  I couldn’t have asked for better tutors and campus staff. The campus was like my home away from home. I didn’t feel homesick at all during my studies there.


“ACG Yoobee taught me pretty much everything there is to learn to be in this industry, like loads of new software and techniques, fast and efficient workflows. It was pretty full on though – I was working the graveyard shift at a gas station throughout my studies. During some of our projects I’d be in at the campus in the weekends, between shifts, and also come in early in the mornings during the week. There were a few times I stayed up for days straight without any sleep – my personal record was four days! But it was worth all the hard work.


“Now I’m working as a modelling intern at Huhu Studios up in Snells Beach. We’re working

on a kids TV show called Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies. It’s about a 14 year old boy named Sindbad and his friends’ after school adventures, and their fight to save the 7 galaxies from disaster. I love working in the creative industries – I love the beginning and the final parts of production, and the whole process that’s involved. Imagine you have an idea, and then imagine that idea comes to life in front of your eyes. It’s just fascinating!


“Eventually I hope to end up in the gaming industry – it’s skyrocketing right now. I’d love to work somewhere like Ubisoft or Naughty Dog. 343 Industriesand Rockstar Gameswould be a dream come true!”

Mohit Studied