Graduate Success

Morgan Owen

Employed at Ora (

“Before enrolling at ACG Yoobee I was studying English and Film, TV and Media Studies at the University of Auckland. I was learning a lot of theoretical knowledge however the career path I was seeking (video production) demanded practical skills as well. I couldn’t see how the degree by itself would offer realistic employment opportunities. I was also losing motivation – I wanted to go out and make films/videos, not just write about them! I made the tough decision to change paths and switch to ACG Yoobee. I’m very thankful I made the change when I did.

“I didn’t have much of a portfolio at the time, so decided to start with a foundation course to get a sense of what Yoobee was like, before moving into the Diploma courses. The courses provided a lot of training in various software packages so I gained a good technical foundation. However, the most valuable skill-set I took with me from ACG Yoobee was an understanding of the overall video production process, from idea generation right through to post-production (editing etc.). I feel anyone can learn the technical aspects of production, however a knowledge of the entire filmmaking process puts you in a better position to develop a strong vision for your projects.

“One of the other great things about ACG Yoobee is the community atmosphere. It’s very strong and that has a positive influence over the quality of work you produce. There are people I met back in iCreate that I’m still friends with now. It’s very useful having a creative network to call upon! Also the tutors I had in every course were very supportive. There’s room to make mistakes and learn from them in order to become even better than if you stay in your comfort zone with skills you’ve already honed.

“Just after graduating from ACG Yoobee I got a job as a part-time high school media tutor. It was a real eye opener to see where I once was, and how much knowledge I’d gained since! Currently I’m a video editor at Ora, which is a company that provides marketing and business services mostly to small-medium sized businesses. Technically I was hired as an editor, however I perform tasks in several areas including scripting, pre-production planning, shooting footage and basic motion graphics. There’s a lot of variation.

“Quite often you’re thrown in the deep end and need to figure out quickly how you’re going to deliver a video to brief. However these are also the moments I feel I grow more because I’m forced to use the skills I’ve accumulated during my student years to solve the problem. It’s uncomfortable at the time, but worth it when you finish a project and feel you’ve learnt something from the experience.”

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