Graduate Success

Naoya Todoroki

Marketing Assistant, Armstrong Motor Group

“I loved my time at Yoobee. I’ve never been very academic, so going to a school where the focus was on practical skills made learning so much fun.  I really liked how we didn’t have any restrictions on our projects – we could go as big and crazy as we wanted!  My favourite project was the mural I did for the reception area at the Wellington Campus.  I felt I had taken so much from the school so it was really nice to have the opportunity to give something back.  At around 7 metres wide by 2.5 metres high, it was definitely my biggest project to date! 

 “The other thing I really loved about Yoobee was the people.  The staff are so friendly and helpful and some of the students are insanely talented.  Whenever I wasn’t in class I was poking my head into other classrooms, checking out what everyone was working on. 

“During my course I printed a lot of my projects through The Big Picture printing company and towards the end of my studies I worked for them as a contracted graphic designer.  A week after graduating I received a phone call from Weta Workshop asking if I was interested in some work making weapons for a Chinese film that was in production.

“I've been quite fortunate with work since finishing at Yoobee. I got a job at the Wellington Club working as an in-house designer. It was only part-time so I tried to do as much freelance work on the side as I could. I started off by doing small jobs for random clients and not-for-profit businesses. Eventually I got round to doing work for some really big companies such as Seafood NZ and the National Party - it was kind of crazy how it all escalated. On top of all of that I got to teach some classes at Yoobee, mostly short courses and a few iCreate classes. That was a lot of fun!  It's amazing how much you can learn by teaching others.

“Recently I’ve started working at the Armstrong Motor Group as a Marketing Assistant. I had no idea that marketing and design interlaced with each other so I had never considered a marketing job before. But I’m loving it. The work is very diverse, which is what I really enjoy. I mainly do ads for newspapers, a bit of MailChimp and other little bits and pieces (typical in-house designer stuff). I do a bit of photography too which is cool.  It's really nice taking photos of (and driving!) new cars. There is the whole marketing side of things too, like trying to find and organise places where we can have our cars on display. I've still got a lot to learn about marketing!

“I think a lot of my success as a designer has come from just getting out there and being involved in the design community. For anyone that is really passionate about becoming a designer I would definitely recommend getting involved in meetups like the Tuesday Design Kids, or participating in events such as Startup Weekend!”

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