Graduate Success

Nishant Singh

Employed at IBNSina

“I studied animation and VFX back home in India and then came to New Zealand in 2013 to gain my Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics from ACG Yoobee. The experience was really different from studying in India. At ACG Yoobee the study is more self-directed, which I really liked because it got me into the habit of researching – and in this industry, research and constant learning are the most important things.

“Studying at ACG Yoobee taught me a lot about time management and gave me the experience of working in a film pipeline. Our group project won the 2014 excellence award too, which was cool!

“It was difficult to get a job in animation after I graduated though so I ended up going back to India where I’m now working as a creative head for IBNSina, handling all the media and graphics related work for the company.

What I love most about the job is that I’m free to work in my own way - the boss doesn’t put any boundaries on me. It’s really good to be doing what you like and getting paid for it! “All the skills I learnt at ACG Yoobee help me every day at work. Studying 3D graphics involves learning about a wide range of software and techniques. This broadens your potential area of work – you are not limited to working in just one industry.”

Nishant Studied