Graduate Success

Nishita Wojnar

Web Developer/Designer, Maritime New Zealand

“Before ACG Yoobee, I was studying psychology at Victoria University - pursuing my interest in science, but missing my lifelong passion for creating visual art. I've always enjoyed being creative, but I didn't start considering a creative career until I was about to graduate, and my now-husband suggested I combine my interests by applying psychology to art and design.

“In my circle of creative friends and acquaintances, ACG Yoobee held a high reputation. Growing up in Wellington, I associated it with the film industry and I’d heard about incredible opportunities and successful graduates who went on to work for big companies, like Weta Workshop. The students at ACG Yoobee were producing amazing things for movies, websites and design agencies - and I wanted to do the same, even though I wasn't very confident about my artistic abilities.

“At the beginning of 2014, I enrolled for some short, online courses to improve my technical skills. I spent my evenings learning Photoshop, HTML and CSS, creating a handful of posters, web pages, and edited photos. I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to sign up for the Diploma of Web Development.

“The Diploma attracted people with different backgrounds, interests and strengths. In my class, some students had no experience doing code or design, but the course was set up to teach us all the basics first. The course was well-paced and small. I got to know everyone around me, and my tutors were incredibly patient, fun, and approachable. It was great being in a supportive and relaxed environment. I became particularly fond of the practical workshops, where I learned a lot from my tutors. Over the course, I learned a lot from my colleagues too. We shared our projects with each other, and I got to see all kinds of fascinating and different design interpretations and web solutions.

“One of the most valuable aspects of studying at ACG Yoobee was that the school exposed me to the web industry, while I was learning to code. I got to network with experienced web developers and designers, and some classes were set aside for guest speakers. Towards the end of my course, I got to apply my knowledge to a real industry project. I had a good relationship with SNIP, a local hairdressing company, so I redesigned and simplified their website. The completed project became an important piece in my portfolio, despite the fact it didn't go live. It was a runner-up in the ACG Yoobee Excellence Awards, and it helped me get my foot into the web industry.  After graduating from ACG Yoobee, I found my current job as web developer and designer at Maritime New Zealand.  I work with the front-end of a responsive website, which we are currently developing. I work mainly with HTML, CSS, jQuery and Adobe products, and I love it!

“One of the most important lessons I learnt at ACG Yoobee was an appreciation and understanding for 'reiterating' design. As a designer, it's something I use every day. It's important to be able to critique yourself. I can't get emotionally attached to my ideas or work, even if I think it makes sense or looks good.  I have to think about others and the experience they will have when they interact with my creation. As I continue to learn more in the web industry, I hope to eventually find myself in a dedicated user-interface and experience role.”

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