Graduate Success

Noel Kohere

Self employed

"ACG Yoobee School of Design is a great place to pursue my ambition to become a game designer. I was an Abrasive Technician before coming here. After discovering that ACG Yoobee was offering a Diploma in Game Art, I resigned from my job and pursued my dream. I knew it would be a hard transition at first but my love for games has made this a lot easier.

“My experience at the Wellington Campus has been awesome. There are lots of friendly people, helpful tutors, and it’s a positive environment. Being able to get involved in events through ACG Yoobee has provided me with more opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge in game design.

“My confidence has grown throughout the course as I am able to develop my ideas and share them with others. Game Art has allowed me to express my creativity and imagination. It’s great to be able to learn how to adapt and apply a range of processes to my ideas. I’m looking forward to learning new things and gaining more experience in the course to help me create my own games. “I’m also picking up more opportunities for freelance work. At the moment I’m working on small projects for Google Play store under my developer name OGD - Obsessive Game Developers."

Noel Studied