Graduate Success

Roydon Misseldine

Creative Director, Subject Studios; Junior Graphic Designer, Strategy, Design & Advertising

“2015 has been pretty cool.  I was the only New Zealander to be picked as a finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and I’ve also just been named one of The Design Kids top 16 students and graduates for 2016 – again the only Kiwi.  Both of these awards have come as a huge surprise – to have work recognised on a global scale is just crazy!  The tutors and facilities at ACG Yoobee have been instrumental in both of these awards, and my work this year in general. The well rounded range of projects and mediums I’ve been able to explore and execute during my studies has really helped my work stand out.

“This time last year some friends and I started up Subject Studios. Subject currently acts as my creative platform where I can work on projects I wouldn’t otherwise be in a position to work on. It’s been mentioned in a few international design blogs – it’s awesome to be acknowledged by people on the other side of the world who are doing well in their respective fields. Also this year I was approached by Strategy, Design & Advertising and offered a Design Intern role until I finish my ACG Yoobee studies. Strategy works with a wide range of different clients which means each day is something new. I definitely enjoy the variety of working in different mediums and programs daily.

“I’m now about to graduate from ACG Yoobee and I have to say the two years I’ve spent here have been very productive.  I’ve really enjoyed the range of different tutors on campus; everyone is incredibly approachable and always has time to offer feedback or thoughts on whatever projects you happen to be working on at the time. I've also learnt how to be fluent with all the Adobe Suite programs. This is hugely important when working in-house or in an established design studio as you can be a productive member of the team from day one. 

“From here, I want to keep releasing cool products and collaborations through Subject, and I’m also very keen to explore more into the realm of Exhibition Design.  I’ve recently acquired a set of old TV’s that I’m having a lot of fun creating visuals for!”
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