Graduate Success

Saori Ikeda

Graphic Designer, Hansen & Berry

"I am currently working as a graphic designer for Hansen & Berry Ltd, a company that produces New Zealand souvenirs. I grew up in Kanagawa, Japan and moved to New Zealand in 2012. I was a receptionist at a hospital before coming here and even though I was keen on starting a creative career, I had no design background. 

“I started off at ACG Yoobee with an English and Design course, which got me used to the Adobe Creative Suite, taught me important design terminologies and helped prepare me for further study. The tutors and staff were all very friendly and helpful and I was able to start my dream career without any difficulties. From there I went onto the Diploma of Computer Graphic Design. The briefs enabled me to produce a wide range of DTP products which was really exciting and I became more confident working with Adobe software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. In addition to these skills, the pre-press knowledge I learned was extremely useful. But the best thing of all about this course was being surrounded by creative people! Some of the students at ACG Yoobee are insanely talented and they inspired me a lot! Tutor feedback on each brief was also incredibly valuable and taught me heaps about design principles.

“After my Computer Graphic Design course I did the Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced). During that time I had the opportunity to work designing illustrations for cushions at Mr. Vintage. It was a fantastic experience for me. I also developed my illustration skills with Wacom tablet. The briefs on the Digital Media (Advanced) course aimed at building on our own concepts. At this stage, I was comfortable working on the Adobe Creative Suite and using design terminologies. I enjoyed exploring different styles and communicating with other students.

“My time at ACG Yoobee was very precious to me. I had a lot of great experiences, met some amazing creative people and received a lot of support from tutors and friends.”




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