Graduate Success

Sophia Cuttriss

Employed at Sales App Centre

“I grew up in the coffee capital of New Zealand – Wellington. During college I went to an open day at ACG Yoobee Wellington and was really inspired about all the things I could learn and discover through studying design. After a couple of detours in life goals I came back to my love for design and art and decided to move to Auckland to pursue this dream. Design and photography were the only subjects that I really cared for in my last couple of years at college so it just made sense to study them further.

“ACG Yoobee is an awesome environment to be in – I really enjoyed being surrounded by creatives in a creative environment where we’re all there to learn and are of like minds. I loved the creative freedom that you’re given on each brief and being able to push yourself to try and outdo the last project you created. I learnt how to receive constructive criticism well. Design is such a personal thing but sometimes an idea or work you do just isn’t quite right and needs to be reworked or restarted. Hearing someone tell you that for the first time can be heart-breaking but once you learn that they aren’t criticizing you as a person, but are trying to help you make your work the best that it can be, it’s one of the most liberating things.

“During my Graphic Design course I had the chance to work with one of our tutors on a cookbook for a school, helping with editing the photos and doing illustrations. Designing cookbooks is actually my ultimate dream, so it was a fantastic opportunity for me. Then, early on in my Web Development Diploma, I spotted a part-time front end developer role on the ACG Yoobee job hunting Facebook page. I applied, and was offered the position, working for Sales App Centre as a go between the dev team and the design studio, preparing files for websites and apps that they produce. This turned into a full-time role as a Junior Digital Designer after I graduated. My work now also includes designing the apps we build with the senior designer and helping the design team at Hot Mustard with briefs that come into the studio. It’s been awesome going into a role and being able to continue to learn as well as use the things that I learnt at ACG Yoobee in a real life setting.

“I love working in this industry as it is always changing - from the trends in design, to the tools that we use to create things, to the technology that’s being used to display our work. It’s exciting to be a part of the industry as the focus moves from print to digital, and trying to work out how we can incorporate the same experience that we are able to give the user with printed design in a digital format.”


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