Graduate Success

Sue-Li Tasker Yeo

Freelance Web Developer

“I chose to study at ACG Yoobee because it offers the only year-long course specialising in web development. Prior to enrolling, I’d spent a few years working in various creative industries, so I knew quite a few people in my personal networks who needed websites for portfolios and small businesses, and from about halfway through my course I started working on real-world projects. I really like having the skills to help people with their projects in such a tangible and immediate way. 

“Now I’m working freelance full time. Since graduating, I’ve always had a few projects lined up ready to go, and almost all of my business has been through word of mouth or because clients have happened across other work I have done.  In a few cases I’ve even approached clients whose brands I love but who don’t have much of a web presence yet. 

“The great thing about web design is that if you’re doing small scale freelance projects, there is lots of variety in the work.  You also get great flexibility in terms of work/life balance and being able to work anywhere and everywhere.”

Sue-Li Studied