Graduate Success

Tafia Edwards

Employed at Bubble Production

“It all started with a small interest in basic re-inventing! Whilst working at TAFE in Brisbane I was given the opportunity to redesign some of their books, forms, certificates, annual reports and so on. I thought their existing designs were well past their use-by dates and decided to bring them into the new millennium. My creativity soon started flowing and my love of design surfaced. That’s when I knew my skills needed to be moulded and I enrolled at ACG Yoobee!

“I first studied at the Wellington Campus back in 2009, completing iCreate and a Diploma of Interactive Design, before taking a couple of years off when my beautiful daughter was born. Last year we moved up to Auckland and I started my Diploma of Computer Graphic Design. Moving to a new city where I didn’t know anyone, juggling motherhood as a single mum, daily commuting and full-time study was a challenge. I just had to keep reminding myself that I was doing it to upskill and create a better life for me and my daughter. It definitely taught me the art of life skills survival 101!

“Despite these challenges I loved studying at ACG Yoobee! I looked forward to attending class every day. The environment was fun and exciting, competitive and sombre, creative and unique. The tutors went above and beyond to help us reach our goals and see us succeed, and I made lifelong friends. Studying at ACG Yoobee helped me get a foot in the door to the industry – enhancing my skills and knowledge, pointing me in the right direction, and helping me meet the right people and make new contacts.

“Towards the end of my course I was given the opportunity to work as an intern at design and ad company Bubble Production. This led to the full-time position I have now. My role is a mix of designing and advertising jobs, for both national and international clients. We do everything from redesigning product packing, TV and radio commercials and interactive PDF mail outs, to logo redesigns, websites and social media accounts. Every day is different and I get to do what I love doing – being creative.”

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