Graduate Success

Tim Wightman

Employed at iMerch

“ACG Yoobee is more hands-on than Uni. You spend more time actually doing stuff rather than sitting in a lecture. The most enjoyable part of both my diploma courses were the end of course exhibitions, where we got to display our work and see how much we had improved. I’d never used Adobe software, or even a Mac, before starting at ACG Yoobee, so I’ve come a long way! Learning how to use the software has probably been the most valuable part of my studies. ACG Yoobee is very good at this – and that’s something they don’t teach at university.

“I worked part-time for the final couple of months of my Diploma in Digital Media. I graduated in May and am currently working as a graphic designer for iMerch, doing stuff like preparing images for the website (taking photos, photoshopping them), working on product brochures (printed and digital versions), posters and packaging.

“I’m also training to compete in the Graphic Design category of WorldSkills International which is being held in Brazil in August. My graphic design tutor told our class about the New Zealand competition and encouraged me to enter. She said one of the competitors would get to go to Brazil so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did!”

Tim Studied