Graduate Success

Tingan Cai

Nationality: Chinese
Breadcrumb Data
Multimedia Designer

Already a successful freelance illustrator, Tingan Cai (Anne) enrolled at Yoobee School of Design to fire up her career. It worked! During her studies Anne was picked to take part in a prestigious accelerator programme at Te Papa (New Zealand’s national museum). The start-up company she and her team launched was a huge success, and she now works there full-time as a multimedia designer.

What was studying at Yoobee like?
It was a very exciting experience! The tutors were professional, talented and passionate and they not only taught me great skills, but they opened my eyes to all aspects of design. Even better, a lot of guest speakers from Weta came in to give us  lectures, keeping us up-to-date with the latest information and trends.

The facilities at Yoobee are excellent. Courses are relevant and keep pace with all the latest industry developments and design trends. Students use the latest versions of programs and are taught all the skills that today’s employers need. They also get plenty of opportunities to gain work experience. Yoobee has strong relationships with industry employers right across the design spectrum, and they have an employment team who supports students to apply for jobs and prepare for the workplace.

Did you gain any work experience or work on any industry projects during your studies?
Throughout my studies I worked as a freelance illustrator, working on a children’s book which was published last year. Also, In the second year of my course I was involved in a hardware and software solution start-up company called Breadcrumb Data, which works to improve navigational and exhibition experiences for visitors to museums and galleries. I was their multimedia designer and we were lucky enough to take part in Mahuki, a four-month accelerator programme that is held each year at Te Papa. Nine teams competed, and we made it into the top three! I work at Breadcrumb Data permanently now.

How well did your Yoobee studies prepare you for the workplace?
Yoobee is an ideal place to launch your design career. They taught me to open my mind to learning new skills and gave me the confidence to do my job well. Yoobee is always there to support students, even after they graduate!

Now I’m working as a multimedia designer for Breadcrumb Data and I’m really enjoying it. I like the challenges each day brings, and the opportunity that gives me to develop my skills and knowledge. My job involves everything from multimedia design and website design to brochures, advertisements and videos, so I am always pushing myself and building my professional skills.

To check out Anne’s work go to:

Breadcrumb Data
Technology company Breadcrumb Data was founded in Wellington in 2016 by a group of six international students. Firmly focused on the cultural sector, it delivers hardware and software solutions that improve the navigational and exhibition experiences for museum and gallery visitors, through indoor positioning and data collection.

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