Graduate Success

Tingan Cai

Designer Time Ltd

“Before starting at ACG Yoobee I was freelancing from home, whilst taking care of my two kids. My dream though has always been to get a job at Weta, become a sculptor and create a new film character. Lots of Kiwis told me in that case I’d better check out ACG Yoobee! I started halfway through last year with iCreate and I’m now studying animation. I graduate in five months’ time.

“I’m enjoying these courses so much! The tutors don’t focus on spoon-feeding students information; they try to let you work things out for yourself. They have opened my eyes to some incredible artwork in a wide range of fields. The other students at ACG Yoobee are also very helpful and supportive – even if they are not in your class. As an international student from China, I have really appreciated the fact that everyone at Yoobee is so friendly and lovely. People are always at the ready to help and encourage me.

“During my second year of studies I began working part-time for Time Ltd. I’m part of a team in Te Papa who are working on creating a new App. I’m a designer for this specific project, and am involved in graphic design (LOGO design, App page design), animation and multimedia design (such as video). ACG Yoobee prepared me well for this role – they introduced me to most of the programs I’m now using at work and taught me the basics. I also learned how to communicate with Kiwis, and how to quickly familiarize myself when I’m faced with a totally new program.”

Tingan Studied