Graduate Success

Valentin Ponyaev

Employed at SleepDrops International

“I’m from Russia and moved to New Zealand in 2000. I worked as an engineer for eight years but at the beginning of last year I signed up for ACG Yoobee’s Diploma of Web Development. It was the only school in Auckland that offered the course I wanted! I learned so many new things, met lots of like-minded people and had a tutor who was incredibly passionate about teaching and web development. I didn’t have one single boring day while I was a student at ACG Yoobee!

“I did a bit of freelance work during my course, and when I graduated I managed to get into the Chamber of Commerce Employment Programme. Through that, I gained a role as Lead Web Developer for SleepDrops International. Currently I’m in the process of building their new website, and I also do IT Systems Administration. I love it. The people are amazing and the work environment is great. Every day throws new challenges at me and makes me think outside of the box. I’m constantly learning new things – and just like at ACG Yoobee, I have not yet had a boring day!

“The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know. So never stop learning! Be passionate about what you do, and when you’re doing something, do it to the best of your abilities. It’s not always about the money. The money will eventually come if you’re doing a job you love.”

Valentin Studied