Graduate Success

Wenfan Zhang (Vincent)

  • Name: Wenfan Zhang (Vincent)
  • Programme: Yoobee - Diploma of Digital Design

I always thought that I had creative talent, but I never pursued it as it wasn’t ‘real work’.  I loved photography, painting, carving, and design, but these were all just hobbies.  So I studied commerce at the University of Canterbury for one and a half years, but after some life changing events, I thought I’d give graphic design a go.

Suddenly I was in the deep end, unfamiliar with work ethics, untrained in the tools for programming. But the incredibly skilled teachers and staff at Yoobee gave me the encouragement I needed to continue on. Again and again, I found myself discovering new ways of putting my imagination into reality. Before I knew it, I stepped closer to what seemed to be my true passion.

Without a doubt, the hard work paid off. The extraordinary learning style of the courses at Yoobee allowed me to freely explore different design techniques, all the while teaching me new and vital skills for the industry. 

Though lacking confidence, and unskilled at first, by the end of the course I managed to become a recipient of the prestigious Behance medal in the exhibition.

I now work at MZEE, a typesetting and design company in Christchurch.  In my role I layout training textbooks, as well as make graphics for online health and safety modules.  I’m keen to see where this path takes me.

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