Graduate Success

Yu Ting Man Kelvin


Fijian / Chinese

What attracted you to study at Yoobee?

I was always interested in an artistic field of work.  I just wasn’t sure what line of work that might be. By coincidence, a Yoobee spokesperson happened to come to my school at the same time, and I found the speech very interesting which led me here.

How has your course at Yoobee helped you?

The course at Yoobee has helped me learn how to focus on given tasks more efficiently, and to work as part of a team with other members of the class.

What are the highlights of your course?

My major highlight was figuring out that sculpting was my favourite subject, and also my strongest path in 3D.

What do you like about the tutors at Yoobee?

The tutors here are all very passionate about their jobs and the industry generally.  They are really helpful, and will not hesitate to help any student that is struggling in the course.

What has campus life been like?  Friendly or family like campus?

Campus life is great! I have met many lifelong friends in the Wellington Campus.  My life in the Wellington Campus felt more like a work environment as I pushed myself to give my 100% to studies this year.

How did you feel when you were coming to Yoobee?

I felt nervous at first, but over time this has felt like home.  I feel really happy that I’m comfortable here, and learning so much.  

What is your career goal?

To be a Professional 3D Character/Creature Artist for movie/games.

 What is one life lesson you learnt during your study and work?

I have learnt that conscious learning is just as important as actual practice.  I think I have advanced my sculpting skill by a large margin by just analysing artwork made by other artists.  This has been really important to me, and I’m looking forward to perfecting my techniques even more.

What’s your favourite thing about Wellington city?

How friendly everyone is and passionate about their field of work.

How is it different to your home city?

I would say the main difference is that it's way colder here than Fiji.

What’s a regular activity you do in Wellington (eg heading to coffee shops, visiting Te Papa, etc) 

Outside of college, I enjoy being with friends, going to the movies and malls. I also like renting lime scooters and exploring Wellington waterfront and suburbs.

How would you describe Wellington to prospective students?

It is a great choice of a school if you want to pursue a career in the media side of the world and also a great place to meet people with a similar goal.

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