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Yunmi Park

Nationality: Korean
SHOTT Beverages
Graphic Designer

She had a great job in South Korea as a web designer for a multinational company – but Yunmi Park yearned for more. She’d long dreamed of studying English and broadening her horizons overseas, and New Zealand’s reputation for natural beauty and kind people made it a tempting option. Not only that, she could further her design career at a world-class design school – Yoobee.

How did you enjoy studying in New Zealand?
When I first arrived in New Zealand I spent a year studying English to get my level up before starting at Yoobee. A friend had told me that Yoobee was one of the best schools in the country for graphic design and that the curriculum was better than other schools. Once I visited the Auckland campus and saw the facilities and met the tutors, I was sold!

I really enjoyed my Yoobee studies. I learnt a lot about specific programs such as InDesign, which I hadn’t used before, and I loved learning about local design trends, styles and the workplace environment in New Zealand. We did lots of group projects and I also had to give presentations in front of tutors and classmates. This was initially very difficult for me because English is not my first language – but to be a successful designer it is crucial to be able to present your work. By practicing this process at Yoobee I built up my self-confidence and actually ended up enjoying making presentations!

How did Yoobee help you connect with the design industry in New Zealand?
During the course I participated in a real project with a real client, working on a poster and website for a film that was screened at a prestigious film festival in America. The film has already clocked up more than 1.5 million views, so my work has been seen by a huge audience. That’s very exciting!

My studies helped me find my strengths and formulate my own unique design style – a mix of hand-drawing and digital techniques. I received a lot of support from my tutor to refine these techniques using tools such as Photoshop. Thanks to these experiences I was able to create a diverse portfolio and gain extremely valuable New Zealand work experience.

I was lucky enough to get a job offer before I graduated and am now working as a graphic designer for SHOTT, on Auckland’s North Shore. I have to be very discerning to ensure products are showed in the best possible light, and I especially love the work I do around photo-manipulation, using Photoshop and InDesign.

Do you think you would have been so successful if you hadn’t studied at Yoobee?
No I don’t. As an international student who has English as a second language, it is vital to study somewhere that you get a lot of support from tutors and staff. Yoobee not only gave me the right industry skills, but they gave me the support I needed to develop the confidence to work in the industry. From here, I’m going to keep building up my New Zealand work experience and being the best designer I can be. Eventually I hope to lead my own design team, as I think having a good creative team can have a huge impact on brand awareness and revenue.

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SHOTT Beverages
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